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Teal Attack

Athletes standing together against ovarian cancer

Program Overview

Teal Attack is a movement centered on high school and collegiate athletic events to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer support.  

• During the month of September, National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, an athletic team would host a "Teal Attack" game. If the sport plays in a different time of the year, games can be held in other months.

• Both home and visiting Varsity teams would receive free Teal Attack t-shirts to wear during warm-ups, up to 15 shirts per team.

• Your athletic program or team can take the initiative to buy or sell more t-shirts for $10 each during the game (and/or the week preceding the game) to students, parents, and school staff, or undertake other fundraising ideas approved by the Teal Attack coordinator and each team's coach. Ovarian cancer literature will be made available to distribute at the sporting event.

All proceeds from the event will go toward supporting the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance. Participating schools will be recognized on this webpage. When possible, MIOCA volunteers will attend the Teal Attack sporting event.

Karen O'Brien,Teal Attack Coordinator, is the Head Volleyball Coach for St. Mary's Catholic Central, a franchise owner - Subway in Dundee, and an ovarian cancer survivor.

Download the Teal Attack Introductory Letter from Karen O'Brien.

Download the 2019 Teal Attack Letter to Volleyball coaches from Karen O'Brien.

Download the Teal Attack Registration Form.

MIOCA thanks all Teal Attack Teams!

MIOCA is so appreciative of the many teams who have partnered with us to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. Because ovarian cancer affects females of all ages, it is especially critical to reach high school and college aged women. We encourage you to attend a Teal Attack game to show support for these incredible athletes who are showing support of our cause! 

2020 TEAL ATTACK Schedule


February 7 - Roosevelt High School (Wyandotte) @ Trenton High School - Girl's Basketball

2019 TEAL ATTACK Schedule


Sept 18th - Airport HS (Carleton) @ St. Mary Catholic Central (Monroe) - Girl's Volleyball

Sept 21st - Teal Attack Golf Outing @ Dundee Golf Club

Sept 21st - Fraser Teal Attack Tournament @ Fraser HS - Girl's Volleyball 

Detroit Country Day, New Haven, Old Redford Academy, Regina, Stoney Creek, Warren Cousino & Warren Woods Tower

Sept 24th - Brighton HS @ Novi HS - Girl's Volleyball

Sept 24th - Pine River HS @ Manton HS - Girl's Volleyball

Sept 24th - Hillsdale HS @ Blissfield HS - Girl's Volleyball

Sept 29th, 1pm - University of Michigan vs. IU - Women's Collegiate Varsity Soccer 


Oct 3rd - Wauseon Middle School @ Delta Middle SchoolWauseon Middle School - Girl's Volleyball

Oct 8th - Novi HS @ Howel HS - Girl's Volleyball

Oct 10th - Adrian College @ Siena Heights University - Women's Collegiate Volleyball

Oct 15th - Livonia Franklin @ Livonia Stevenson - Girl's Volleyball

Oct 15th -  Homer HS @ Bronson HS - Girl's Volleyball

Oct 15th - Hillsdale @ Dundee - Girl's Volleyball

Oct 22nd - Monroe HS @ Bedford HS (Temperance) - Girls Volleyball

Oct 22nd - Charyl Stockwell @ Plymouth Christian Academy - Girls Volleyball

Oct 24th - Monroe HS @ Ida HS - Girl's Volleyball