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Adolescents and Young Women

Ovarian cancer typically affects women 55 or older.  The challenges of younger women are often very different than those of women who have already reached menopause.  The websites and information included here are generally for adolescents or young adults, but also address issues such as early menopause, cancer/work issues, and fertility/sexuality that can be helpful for older women, too.

Financial Resources specifically for Young Survivors

In addition to organizations that give financial assistance to all cancer patients, there are groups specifically for young cancer survivors. 

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LiveStrong Cancer Support for Adolescents and Young Adults

Adolescents and young adults have very specific concerns and needs when faced with a cancer diagnosis.  LiveStrong has resources that address concerns for this age group.

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Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance - Organizations for Young Survivors

OCRA has compiled a list of organizations that support young survivors.

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Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance - Young Women's section

OCRA has extensive information, resources, and support for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer as an adolescent or young adult.

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Support for College Students with Cancer

This section of AffordableCollegesOnline.org discusses how side affects could change college life for a student with cancer, accommodations for which a student may be eligible, how to apply for and receive these accommodations, how online learning may or may not be a better option, and support groups on campus.

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Young Ovarian Cancer Survivors

This is a Facebook discussion group for young women with ovarian cancer.  If you are interested in joining, please ask to join and your posts will only be seen by group member.

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