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MIOCA is Thrilled to Fund Geri Fournier Ovarian Cancer Research Grant Opportunities for 2018

October 3, 2017

The Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MIOCA) is pleased to continue to support research grant opportunities for research projects conducted in the state of Michigan by Michigan-based researchers. Pam Dahlmann, MIOCA President, states, " The Geri Fournier Research Grant is very personal for me as it was named after my mom, the co-founder of MIOCA. My mom was a Registered Nurse, as am I. We strongly believe that raising funds for research is so crucial to make any gains in this disease that took my mom and grandmother's life. MIOCA is proud to have awarded $200,000 in research grants since 2015. We are so pleased to continue to support ovarian cancer researchers in 2018 through Geri Fournier Ovarian Cancer Research Grants.”

The application deadline has passed.  Awards will be announced by April 6, 2018.