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Exciting News: MIOCA Symptom Video Released!

December 8, 2017

The Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MIOCA) continues to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and increase the public's understanding of ovarian cancer symptoms so women seek medical attention sooner. For several years, volunteers with MIOCA's SPEAK (Survivors Promoting Early Awareness & Knowledge) program have shared myths, facts, symptoms, and risk factors of the disease. SPEAK audience members have expressed gratitude to the survivors who share their stories which put a face to an often misunderstood disease. 

To greatly increase MIOCA's educational reach, a symptom video has been created to provide the critically important information. The video highlights the four symptoms which are statistically shown to occur more often in females with ovarian cancer as compared to the general public. Additionally, viewers will learn when to see a doctor and what tests experts recommend if symptomatic. Michelle Shepherd, SPEAK coordinator, states, “We have heard from many people that hearing first-hand accounts of ovarian cancer symptoms from survivors makes the information memorable. Our hope is that this video will not only educate viewers, but also promote early detection.” 

Click here to view MIOCA's symptom video

A special thank you to Dr. Kevin Reynolds, U of M Gynecologic Oncologist and MIOCA Medical Advisory Board Member, and the survivors who all generously volunteered their time to be a part of this video. It’s so important that every woman knows the symptoms of ovarian cancer so please send this video to the women you love. To learn more about MIOCA’s SPEAK program, or how you can be involved, contact Michelle Shepherd at MichelleShepherd@MIOCA.org

MIOCA is Thrilled to Fund Geri Fournier Ovarian Cancer Research Grant Opportunities for 2018

October 3, 2017

The Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MIOCA) is pleased to continue to support research grant opportunities for research projects conducted in the state of Michigan by Michigan-based researchers. Pam Dahlmann, MIOCA President, states, " The Geri Fournier Research Grant is very personal for me as it was named after my mom, the co-founder of MIOCA. My mom was a Registered Nurse, as am I. We strongly believe that raising funds for research is so crucial to make any gains in this disease that took my mom and grandmother's life. MIOCA is proud to have awarded $200,000 in research grants since 2015. We are so pleased to continue to support ovarian cancer researchers in 2018 through Geri Fournier Ovarian Cancer Research Grants.”

The application deadline has passed.  Awards will be announced by April 6, 2018.

White Named MIOCA's First Executive Director

September 27, 2017

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN - The Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MIOCA) is excited to announce the appointment of Elizabeth White to the position of Executive Director. White brings robust experience, infectious energy, and creative innovation to MIOCA as the organization continues to improve the lives of survivors, make sure women are diagnosed early, and to ultimately end ovarian cancer. 

President and Co-Founder, Pam Dahlmann said White is the perfect choice to continue MIOCA’s mission. 

“Through incredible volunteer efforts, MIOCA has grown at an amazing rate since its founding in 2011, but there is much work to do on behalf of Michigan's ovarian cancer community. The Board of Directors is so excited to take MIOCA to the next level under Elizabeth's leadership. This is a perfect way to wrap up Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month by looking forward to the great things ahead of us.” 

White became involved with the fight against ovarian cancer after losing her mother to the disease in 2006. After seeing her mother’s battle with the disease, White decided she needed to do something meaningful in her mother’s memory so she moved to Washington, DC to work for the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance as the Director of Events and Development Manager. 

After five years at the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, White moved back to Michigan and worked for the American Cancer Society. Most recently, she worked for AMC Network as a Meeting Planner helping companies and nonprofits, including the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance, on a variety of meeting related tasks. She is a visionary leader who brings a proven track record of success in project management, running events, fundraising, and financial management. 

“I’m so happy to join the team at the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance,” said White. “Over the years, I’ve met thousands of survivors, and lost way too many teal friends, including my closest friend, my mom. Ovarian cancer is personal to me and I will work tirelessly to ensure women know the signs and symptoms, are diagnosed early, and have access to the best treatments.” 

White officially begins her role at MIOCA on Wednesday, September 27. 

Ovarian cancer is the deadliest gynecologic cancer. Know the symptoms - bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, difficulty eating or feeling full quickly, and urinary urgency or frequency. See your doctor, preferably a gynecologist, if any of these symptoms are unusual for you and persist for more than twelve days in a month. To learn more, including how you can be involved in the fight against ovarian cancer, visit mioca.org

Wheels & Teal Car Show, 5K Raises Over $50K for Cancer

Wheels & Teal Car Show, 5K Raises Over $50K for Cancer

September 26, 2017

The 6th annual Ovarian Cancer Awareness event was held last Saturday in the Village of Rochester Hills.  This year's event featured a brand new name, Wheels & Teal, to help display the passion for cars in the Detroit area, the Motor City.  

Michelle Shepherd was very pleased with the turnout for this year's event as well as the amount of money they managed to raise for their efforts.  "This year, we estimate that we had about 600 walkers and runners and 46 cars at the event.  This event is the highest single day event in terms of revenue for the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance and this year we managed to raise over $50,000!"  

And the impact she believes the event has on the community is profound. "The feedback that I received was so positive.  The Wheels & Teal event gives the ovarian cancer community the opportunity to come together, to make some noise about ovarian cancer, but to also lift each other up.  It is important for those who lost someone, but it is also important for those surviving.  It helps them to see that other people are going through the same situation and that it is possible to overcome the ovarian cancer diagnosis."  

To read the full article, click on the link: Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance event raises over $50,000

Tie Michigan Teal - Volunteers needed!

Tie Michigan Teal - Volunteers needed!

July 12, 2017

MIOCA is excited to announce its new state-wide ribbon tying campaign this September during National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.  The Tie Michigan Teal campaign is an important effort to make the public aware of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. Tie Michigan Teal  Coordinator, Marcia Gurche, indicates, "Given that there is no early diagnostic test for ovarian cancer, it is imperative that women be made aware of the symptoms. Educating Michigan communities is an important part of MIOCA's mission."

MIOCA will be tying teal ribbons in downtown areas of cities and towns throughout Michigan.  MIOCA will provide all of the materials, however, coordinators are needed to oversee the effort in each city/town.  Each coordinator will receive a Tie Michigan Teal  t-shirt as a token of our appreciation.  If interested in tying teal ribbons in a work place or on personal property, MIOCA will send a few cut ribbons to do that. Since not every city is a prime location for “tealing,” creativity and imagination are key for getting awareness out by using the ribbons. 

Please contact Marcia Gurche at mgurche@wowway.com for more information about Tie Michigan Teal  or to request materials. 

Click here to see when people are gathering in your area!

MIOCA is in the process of hiring its first Executive Director

July 3, 2017

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement!

MIOCA is hiring their first Executive Director. This is an exciting opportunity for someone to bring their professional fundraising skills and ideas to a group of incredible volunteers and solid foundation. We are looking for a solid leader/manager who can bring out the best in their team and bring the organization to the next level. 

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall administration of the organization. The Executive Director has demonstrated proficiency in all aspects of administration and has maintained a high level of performance.  

MIOCA awards $100,000 to 2017 Research Grantees

March 28, 2017

It is with great excitement that MIOCA announces the 2017 Geri Fournier Ovarian Cancer Research Award Recipients.  Due to the increasing support of MIOCA, the Board of Directors has, once again, increased the funds dedicated to ovarian cancer research here in Michigan.   A  total of $100,000 will fund two Michigan researchers working to improve treatment outcomes. 

Geeta Mehta, Ph.D.
 Assistant Professor
 Department of Materials Science and Engineering
 Department of Biomedical Engineering
 University of Michigan
Sheer Stress causes Chemoresistance in Ovarian Cancer Cells 

Dr. Shitanshu Uppal, MBBS
Asst. Professor, Dept of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Div. of Gynecologic Oncology
Co-Director, Michigan Oncology Quality Collaborative
Institute of Health Care Policy and Innovation
University of Michigan
Improving Ovarian Cancer Outcomes through a Michigan-wide Collaborative  

MIOCA is pleased to offer Scholarship Opportunity to attend OCRFA Conference in Chicago

MIOCA is pleased to offer Scholarship Opportunity to attend OCRFA Conference in Chicago

March 12, 2017

MIOCA is pleased to offer six $500 scholarships to MI ovarian cancer survivors to attend the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance's (OCRFA) Annual Conference in Chicago, IL on July 7-9, 2017. Attendees will enjoy a dynamic weekend of information, discussion and connection. Marcia Gurche, survivor and MIOCA Board member states, "Attending the Ovarian Cancer National Conference is a worthwhile experience. I really enjoyed hearing the latest information related to ovarian cancer and meeting so many survivors from all over the country." 

Visit the OCRFA Conference site for information.  Each scholarship award will cover one registration, the cost of sharing a room with one other person,  and approximately $80 toward travel/food costs.  Those interested in receiving a scholarship must complete the scholarship application form and submit it by Friday, March 31.  Recipients will selected by random drawing.