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Altered Estrogen Metabolism and Ovarian Cancer

January 2, 2014

Eleanor Rogan, Ph.D., University of Nebraska College of Public Health, believes that epithelial ovarian cancer is initiated by an imbalance in estrogen metabolism. In a study funded by the U.S. Dept of Defense Ovarian Cancer Research Program, UNMC researchers suggest physicians might be able to predict ovarian cancer in the near future based on measuring this imbalance.

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Conflicts of BRCA Screening

January 1, 2014

While most survivors wonder why they developed ovarian cancer, for those who carry the BRCA genetic mutation, it helps to know there is a strong possibility this is the cause. Yet it raises many other questions and concerns for the future generations. Read more about the questions, difficulties, and conflicts in areas such as Israel where the highest populations of these genetic mutations reside.