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Drug Quality and Security Act

November 24, 2013

Congress has approved the Drug Quality and Security Act and it’s now on its way to the White House for signature.  The Drug Quality Security Act means safer compounded drugs and greatly diminishes the risk of counterfeit drugs making it into our homes.  It establishes a system to track and regulate compounded drugs from manufacturing to distribution.  The Alliance has been working on this issue in a coalition led by Pew Charitable Trusts. More information here.

Doxil Shortage, Again

November 18, 2013

The main supplier of Doxil has decided to close their plant and discontinue production of the drug. Johnson & Johnson, the distributor, said it therefore is likely the Doxil shortage will continue through the end of 2014.  Due to FDA approval process, it is doubtful that Johnson & Johnson will have a new supplier before the end of 2014.  More information for patients and families can be found here.

Information to help determine new insurance coverage

November 6, 2013

Enrollment for the Health care Marketplaces opened on October 1st (with coverage starting January 2014).  The options for insurance for cancer patients can be overwhelming, so the Alliance created a checklist to help when researching coverage in the marketplaces. The Checklist was created with cancer patients' needs in mind to ensure all bases are covered when comparing health insurance plans.