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Contact Your Legislators to Request Appropriate Funding for FY2018

MIOCA helped turn Capitol Hill teal on March 1st by sending three board members and two representatives to combine with the 80 representatives from 25 states for OCRFA Advocacy Day 2017.   The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance organized the event in an effort to bring awareness of ovarian cancer to members of Congress and stress the critical need for continued funding for ovarian cancer research on a federal level. Throughout the day, advocates met with a total of nine legislative staffers and  House representatives. 

If you could not attend Advocacy Day, you can still help in the effort by contacting Senator Stabenow or Senator Peters or your US Representative and urging them to fund the following ovarian cancer programs: 

  • +$2 billion increase in NIH funding compared with FY2017
  • $20 million for the ovarian cancer research program at the Dept of Defense
  • $8.0 million for the Ovarian Cancer Control Initiative
  • $5.5 million for Johanna’s Law at CDC
  • Ensure that the “Cancer Moonshot Initiative” funds ($1.8 billion over 7 years) remains additive and are not used as a supplement to FY2018 NIH appropriations as an offset to cuts to the NIH's budget.
  • +$2 billion increase to NIH’s budget compared with FY2017
  • $20 million for Ovarian Cancer Research Program at DOD (maintain current funding level)
  • Ensure forthcoming health care reform legislation maintain existing patient protections around pre-existing conditions; lifetime and annual coverage caps; and no rescission of coverage. 
  • Ask that congress address the narrow network issue and ensure broader availability of affordable health plans that cover standard of care treatment for ovarian cancer in forthcoming health care reform proposals.