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Teal Attack

Athletes standing together against ovarian cancer

Program Overview

Teal Attack is a movement centered on high school and collegiate athletic events to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer support.  

• During the month of September, National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, an athletic team would host a "Teal Attack" game. If the sport plays in a different time of the year, games can be held in other months.

• Both home and visiting Varsity teams would receive free Teal Attack t-shirts to wear during warm-ups, up to 15 shirts per team.

• Your athletic program or team can take the initiative to buy or sell more t-shirts for $10 each during the game (and/or the week preceding the game) to students, parents, and school staff, or undertake other fundraising ideas approved by the Teal Attack coordinator and each team's coach. Ovarian cancer literature will be made available to distribute at the sporting event.

All proceeds from the event will go toward supporting the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance. Participating schools will be recognized on this webpage. When possible, MIOCA volunteers will attend the Teal Attack sporting event.

Karen O'Brien,Teal Attack Coordinator, is the Head Volleyball Coach for St. Mary's Catholic Central, a franchise owner - Subway in Dundee, and an ovarian cancer survivor.

Download the Teal Attack Introductory Letter from Karen O'Brien.

Download the Teal Attack Registration Form.

MIOCA thanks all Teal Attack Teams!

MIOCA is so appreciative of the many teams who have partnered with us to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. Because ovarian cancer affects females of all ages, it is especially critical to reach high school and college aged women. We encourage you to attend a Teal Attack game to show support for these incredible athletes who are showing support of our cause!   Stay tuned for the Fall 2018 game schedule!

2018-2019 TEAL ATTACK Schedule

----- 2019 Winter Schedule -----


30th: Roosevelt HS (Wyandotte) @ Trenton HS (Trenton) - Girls' Basketball

----- 2018 Fall Schedule -----


12th: Airport High School (Carleton) @ St. Mary Catholic Central (Monroe) - Girls' Volleyball  

18th: Hanover Horton High School (Hanover) @ Manchester High School (Manchester) - Girls' Volleyball  

20th: Summerfield High School (Petersburg) @ Blissfield High School (Blissfield) - Girls' Volleyball  

20th: Beal City High School (Mt. Pleasant) @ Manton High School (Manton) - Girls' Volleyball  

22nd: Teal Attack Golf Outing @ Dundee Golf Club

25th: Howell High School (Howell) @ Novi High School (Novi) - Girls' Volleyball  


1st: Detroit Country Day (Beverly Hills) @ Saline High School (Saline) - Girls' Field Hockey  

2nd: Skyline High School (Ann Arbor) @ Bedford High School (Temperence) - Girls' Volleyball  

2nd: Saline High School (Saline) @ Huron High School (Ann Arbor) - Girls' Volleyball  

4th: Reading High School (Reading) @ Bronson High School (Bronson) - Girls' Volleyball  

11th: Skyline High School (Ann Arbor) @ Huron High School (Ann Arbor) - Girls' Swimming  

16th: Erie Mason High School (Erie) @ Dundee High School (Dundee) - Girls' Volleyball  

17th: University of Michigan-Dearborn (Dearborn) @ Siena Heights University (Adrian) - Girls' Volleyball  

23rd: Winchester HS (Winchester, MA) @ Arlington HS (Arlington MA) - Girls' Volleyball  

25th: Ida High School (Ida) @ Monroe High School (Monroe) - Girls' Volleyball  


2017-2018 TEAL ATTACK Schedule

----- 2018 Winter Schedule -----


30th: Lincoln Park HS (Lincoln Park) @ Trenton HS (Trenton) - Girls' Basketball

----- 2017 Fall Schedule -----


7th: Sand Creek HS (Sand Creek) @ Whiteford HS (Ottawa Lake) - Volleyball

9th: Southern Michigan Independent Swim League  (SMISL) @ Dundee HS (Dundee):  Dundee, Detroit Country Day, Erie Mason, Grosse Ile, New Boston Huron, Lincoln, Riverview, St Mary's Catholic Central, and Woodhaven - Girls' Swimming

13th: Airport HS (Carleton) @ St. Mary Catholic Central (Monroe) - Volleyball  

16th: Teal Attack Golf Outing (Dundee) - Golf  

21st: Summerfield HS (Petersburg) @ Britton Deerfield HS (Britton) - Volleyball  

26th: Marion HS (Marion) @ Manton HS (Manton) - Volleyball  


5th: Howell HS (Howell) @ Novi HS (Novi) - Volleyball

5th: Bedford HS (Temperance) @ Skyline HS (Ann Arbor) - Volleyball  

6th: Indiana Tech (Ft. Wayne) @ Siena Heights University (Adrian) - Volleyball  

12th: Ann Arbor Pioneer (Ann Arbor) @ Bedford HS (Temperance) - Volleyball

12th: Monroe HS (Monroe) @ Saline HS (Saline) - Volleyball

17th: Homer HS (Homer) @ Bronson HS (Bronson) - Volleyball

19th: Monroe HS (Monroe) @ Ida HS (Ida) - Volleyball


2016-2017 TEAL ATTACK Schedule

----- 2017 Winter Schedule -----


27th: Lincoln Park HS (Lincoln Park ) @ Trenton HS (Trenton) - Girls' Basketball


25th: Ann Arbor Huron HS (Ann Arbor) @ Saline HS (Saline) - Girls' Soccer

----- 2016 Fall Schedule -----


7th: Airport HS (Carleton) @ St. Mary Catholic Central (Monroe) - Volleyball

15th: Detroit Country Day (Beverly Hills) @ Cranbrook School (Bloomfield Hills)

18th: Colgate University @ Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti) - Volleyball

19th: Airport HS (Carleton) @ Milan HS (Milan) - Volleyball

20th: South Lyon HS (South Lyon) @ Novi HS (Novi) - Volleyball

20th: Howell HS (Howell) @ Pinckney HS (Pinckney) - Volleyball

24th: Teal Attack Golf Outing, Dundee Golf Club, Dundee, MI


5th: Frankenmuth High School (Frankenmuth) @ North Branch High School (North Branch)

6th: Cassopolis HS (Cassopolis) @ Bronson HS (Bronson) - Volleyball

6th: Sand Creek High School (Sand Creek) @ Whiteford High School (Ottawa Lake)

13th: Clinton HS (Clinton) @ Britton-Deerfield HS (Britton)

18th: Saline HS (Saline) @ Bedford HS (Temperence)

18th: Adrian High School (Adrian) @ Tecumseh High School (Tecumseh)

20th: Ida HS (Ida) @ Monroe HS (Monroe)

22nd: U of M Dearborn (Dearborn) @ Sienna Heights (Adrian)


2015-2016 TEAL ATTACK Schedule

----- 2016 Winter/Spring Schedule -----


29th: Wyandotte Roosevelt High School (Wyandotte) @ Trenton High School (Trenton) - Girl's Basketball

30th: Lake Shore Classic Tournament @ Lake Shore High School (St. Clair Shores) - Boy's Wrestling


25th: Erie Mason High School (Erie) at Dundee High School (Dundee) - Boy's Basketball


4th-6th: Girl Power Invitational @ Gym America (Saline) - Girl's Gymnastics


21st: Lincoln Park High School (Lincoln Park) at St. Mary Catholic Central (Monroe)

----- 2015 Fall Schedule -----


9th: Northville High School (Northville) @ South Lyon High School (South Lyon) - Volleyball

15th: South Lyon East High School (South Lyon) @ Novi High School (Novi) - Volleyball

16th: Lourdes University (Sylvania, OH) @ Concordia University (Ann Arbor) - Volleyball

17th: Hartland High School (Hartland) @ Pinckney High School (Pinckney) - Volleyball

19th: St. Mary's Catholic Central (Monroe) @ Bedford High School (Temperance) - Boy's Soccer

22nd: Morenci High School (Morenci) @ Britton-Deerfield High School (Britton) - Volleyball

23rd: New Boston Huron High School (New Boston) @ SMCC (Monroe) - Volleyball

23rd: Madonna University (Livonia) @ Siena Heights University (Adrian) - Volleyball

24th: Morenci High School (Morenci) @ Madison High School (Adrian)

27th: St. Michael's CYO 8th Grade (Monroe) @ St. Patrick's CYO 8th Grade (Carleton) - Volleyball

28th: Ida 8th Grade (Ida) at Dundee 8th Grade (Dundee) - Volleyball

29th: Carson City High School (Carson City) @ Coleman High School (Coleman) - Volleyball

30th: Centreville High School (Centreville) @ Bronson High School (Bronson) - Volleyball


3rd: Ohio University (Athens, OH) @ Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti) - Volleyball

12th: New Boston Huron High School (New Boston) @ Airport High School (Carleton) - Volleyball

20th: Tecumseh High School (Tecumseh) @ Adrian High School (Adrian) - Volleyball

20th: Monroe High School (Monroe) @ Bedford High School (Temperance) - Volleyball

20th: Sand Creek High School (Sand Creek) @ Summerfield High School (Petersburg) - Volleyball

20th: Michigan Center High School (Michigan Center) @ Addison High School (Addison) - Volleyball

22nd: Monroe High School (Monroe) @ Ida High School (Ida) - Volleyball

22nd: Summerfield High School (Petersburg) @ Whiteford High School (Ottawa Lake) - Volleyball

28th: Brown City High School (Brown City) and Lakeville High School (Otisville) at North Branch High School (North Branch)


14th  Southern Michigan Independent Swim League  (SMISL):  Dundee, Detroit Country Day, Erie Mason, Grosse Ile, New Boston Huron, Lincoln, Riverview, St Mary's Catholic Central, and Woodhaven.  Meet starts at 10:00 am at Dundee High School.