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Established in 2011, the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance promotes saving women’s lives through the early detection of ovarian cancer and improved treatment outcomes. In addition to community outreach and education, MIOCA provides advocacy, resources and support throughout Michigan.

MIOCA in the news

MIOCA Announces Geri Fournier Ovarian Cancer Research Grant Recipients

MIOCA is proud to announce the recipients of the inaugural Geri Fournier Ovarian Cancer Research Grant awards.  MIOCA is committed to advocating for women and working for improved treatment outcomes. One way we further our mission is to fund innovative ovarian cancer research. In September, 2014, MIOCA donated $5,000 to the newly announced Ovarian Cancer Dream Team. This year, because of tremendous support from donors, MIOCA's Board of Directors is thrilled to provide $25,000 to fund research here in Michigan through the Geri Fournier Ovarian Cancer Research Grant awards.

Lan Gardner Coffman, M.D., PhD $10,000
Hematology/Oncology Fellow
University of Michigan Health System
Defining the origin and role of carcinoma-associated mesenchymal stem cells in the ovarian cancer microenvironment

Karen McLean, MD, PhD $10,000
Assistant Professor, Gynecologic Oncology
Translational Oncology Program
University of Michigan Heatlh System
Therapeutic Inhibition of the DEK Oncoprotein in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Ramandeep Rattan, PhD $5,000
Assistant Scientist,
Division Gynecologic Oncology
Henry Ford Hospital
A preclinical trial of olaparib and metformin in BRCA intact ovarian cancer mouse model

MIOCA wishes to thank these scientists and the other applicants for their efforts to discover ways in which ovarian cancer patients can be treated more successfully.